Join me on my journey as I dive deep into the world of Young Adult literature and media! I will be examining books, podcasts, TV shows, movies and more. Created for teens but available to all who wish to learn more about young adult materials. This is a safe place for those of all cultures and lifestyles. Each blog post corresponds to a particular item and can be found under the Blog Post link. You can also navigate the posts by Genre, Title, Author, or Format using the appropriate links at the top of this page. I have learned so much about YA materials through this project. I have included, what I hope, is a non-biased, variety of genres and formats because it is clear that there is a wide spectrum of personal preference when teens search for items. Teens want materials that reflect themselves, including their hopes and fears. They want drama and truth, sometimes an escape from reality and sometimes a mirror of their own reality. I have enjoyed sampling these materials and I hope that my readers will as well!

My Mini YA Library is a project for

INFO 265 Young Adult Materials

Professor Lisa Houde

San Jose State University

Summer 2022 (August 5, 2022)

Photo Credit: Megan Curione