Let’s Be Real with Sammy Jaye

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Bibliographic Information:

Title: Let’s Be Real with Sammy Jaye

Host: Sammy Jaye

Dates Active: 2020-2021

Created By: iHeartRadio

Category: Teen

Episode Title: “Featuring Jessica Alba”

Genre/Format of the Item: Podcast

Current Events/Current Influential People


Sammy Jayne was named on PopSugar’s 20-under-20 list in 2020

Reading Level/Interest Level:

Apple Podcasts: Teens

Plot Summary: Let’s Be Real by Sammy Jaye is a podcast that explores real life issues while interviewing celebrities, activists, athletes, and influencers. Topics that are discussed range from pop culture, political issues, and mental health. This episode revolves around an interview with Jessica Alba. Jessica Alba discusses her role as CEO of her company and the contrast of running a business with her acting career. Alba and Jaye discuss the lessons that teens can learn from perseverance and learning from one’s mistakes. Alba speaks about the challenges that she has had balancing her acting career while running her company, all while raising three kids.

Photo Credit:Michelle Santiago Cortes Refinery 29

Author Background: Sammy Jaye is the youngest person to host their own podcast on iHeartRadio (Jaye, 2020-2021). Jaye worked as a Radio Disney’s East Coast correspondent for three years prior to hosting her podcast (Moroney, 2020). Jaye has been recognized in PopSugar’s 20-under-20 list in 2020, and has been featured in 17 Magazine and on the website Variety 29 (Jaye, 2020-2021).

Critical Evaluations: This podcast is very well done. When compared to podcasts that are created by teens in their homes, Let’s Be Real with Sammy Jaye stands out as a professionally created podcast. Sammy Jaye is well-spoken and very knowledgeable about the guests that she interviews on her show. The guests are well-known, and the topics are relevant which makes it appropriate and engaging for teens. Jaye is honest about her own feelings and challenges and speaks in a very blunt but positive approach. This episode revealed Jessica Alba’s insecurities and the challenges that she has faced and how she was able to overcome them. Jaye was responsive to Alba and gave Alba respect and support in her comments. I think that this podcast is appealing to teens because it offers a mix of guests and topics that will keep teens engaged and listening.

Hear the episode here: https://omny.fm/shows/lets-be-real-with-sammy-jaye/featuring-jessica-alba

Creative Use for a Library Program: This podcast is important for teens because the host, Sammy Jaye, is well-known for being the youngest person to host their own podcast on iHeartRadio (Jaye, 2020-2021.). This could be very inspiring for teens who are interested in pursuing a career in journalism. This would be a great podcast to highlight on the library website and during a Teen Career Challenge Day. Teen Career Challenge Day can include a two-hour period that includes people from the community who work in different careers and specialties. Teens will be invited to come and chat with the adults and learn more information about different careers and jobs. This podcast could be highlighted on a poster about women in journalism. There could be a QR code that leads interested teens to this podcast.

Speedround/Book Trailer: Want the inside scoop on famous current influencers, from actors to activists? Listen to the Let’s Be Real with Sammy Jaye podcast and hear interviews with people such as Jessica Alba, Olivia O’Brien, Loren Gray, Ellie Zieler, Laurie Segall, and more! Listen in as Sammy Jaye brings you the latest interviews from a teen’s point of view!

Potential Challenge Issues/Defense Preparations: It is possible that some people may not agree with Sammy or her guests’ views or political parties. I think that Sammy Jaye does a great job interviewing her guests in a very professional and non-biased way. She is respectful and allows her guests to give their opinions while maintaining her own opinions.

Reason for Inclusion: I included this podcast because I wanted to give my readers the option to explore from a variety of teen-created podcasts. Sammy Jaye is a very successful teenager who might inspire teens to go after their dreams. I also think that this podcast can offer teens a nice platform to hear from a variety of people that are relevant in our culture today.


Jaye, S.  (2020-2021). Apple Podcasts Preview: Let’s be real with Sammy Jaye [Audio Podcast]. Apple Podcasts. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lets-be-real-with-sammy-jaye/id1494175847

Moroney, M. (2020, March 4). 20 Under 20: Young women who are already kicking ass and taking names. PopSugar.celebrity. https://www.popsugar.com/celebrity/photo-gallery/47247402/image/47248738/Sammy-Jaye#opening-slide


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