Seventeen Magazine (Digital), Editor-in-Chief Kristin Koch

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Bibliographic Information:

Title: Seventeen Magazine

Editor-in-Chief: Kristin Koch


Publisher: Hearst Digital Media

Publishing Date: Last updated July 11, 2022

Genre/Format of the Item: Digital Magazine

Pop Culture

Current Events



Reading Level/Interest Level:

Age 14 years and older (Commonsense Media)

Plot Summary: Seventeen Magazine can be viewed in its digital form both online and on its various social media accounts. The magazine is aimed at teenagers and has a variety of subjects that it reports on. These fall under the categories of celebs, style, beauty, life and politics, and health and wellness (Seventeen Magazine, n.d.). The website has a focus on pop culture but highlights pages such as “Voices of Change” (social justice) and “Mental Health”.

Photo Credit Seventeen Magazine

Critical Evaluations: This website is very engaging and has many pictures and hyperlinks. Seventeen Magazine can appeal to many teens because of its wide variety of articles. This website will attract teens who are interested in pop culture and fashion. It is clear that the website it trying to show diverse voices and faces. The website has a very flashy, eye catching feel to it and may not appeal to teens who prefer a more subdued approach to disseminating information. There is a large focus on celebrities and body image but there is acknowledgement of a variety of body types and sizes. There is a social justice component on their “Voices of Change” page. Overall, I think that teens will be drawn to the variety of information that is offered on this website. Social media posts are intermingled throughout many articles on the website.

Creative Use for a Library Program: A teen event that focuses on journalism and teen issues. The library could ask the School of Information and Communication Studies if some college students pursuing journalism would come and give a talk to teens interested in journalism. Magazines such as Seventeen Magazine would be on display in both their current digital form and past paper form. Teenagers could learn what skills are needed for a future in journalism.

Photo Credit Seventeen Magazine

Speedround/Book Trailer: Did you know that Beyoncé is finally on TikTok? or that President Biden signed an order to protect abortion rights? Seventeen Magazine has everything you need to know, from the latest articles on mental health to the newest banned books. All your favorite, need-to-know info in one place!

Photo Credit Seventeen Magazine

Potential Challenge Issues/Defense Preparations: This magazine may be challenged because it publishes articles on current events, including abortion rights, and sexual health information. Some parents may object to this information freely read by their teenager. I would argue that teenagers need to be informed about current events and then they can form their own opinions on the matter. It is important for teens to be well informed in order to make healthy and wise decisions.

Reason for Inclusion: I included this digital magazine in my collection because I think that teenagers are very likely to want to receive their pop culture information from this well known website. Seventeen Magazine offers its readers articles on beauty, current events, pop culture, and health. It has become a well-rounded website with diverse voices and topics.


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