Sour (Music Album) by Olivia Rodrigo

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Bibliographic Information:

Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

Album Title: Sour

Producer: Geffen Records

Release Date: 2021

Genre/Format of the Item: Music Album

Pop Culture


2021 Winner American Music Awards – New Artist of the Year

2022 Grammy Winner for three awards: Best Pop Solo Performance “Drivers License”, Best Pop Vocal Album Sour, Best New Artist

2022 Billboard Music Award: Top New Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist, Top Streaming Songs Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album Sour

Reading Level/Interest Level:

Olivia Rodrigo is 17 years old and is extremely popular with teens and is featured multiple times in Teen Vogue.

(Olivia Rodrigo, 2021-a)

Plot Summary: Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour is a perfect blend of love, heartache, anger, and attitude. “Brutal” is reminiscent of 1990 girl punk bands and is an excellent introduction into the album. Throughout the album, Rodrigo sings about her insecurities with defiance and spunk. Many of the songs, including “Traitor”, “Drivers License”, and “Deja Vu” are soulful love songs sung to a lost love. Sour brings the listener along a journey of love and loss.

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Author/Musician Background: Olivia Rodrigo was born in California. She started singing lessons at the age of 5 and began writing her own songs soon after that. She started acting lessons at the age of 6 and was able to secure roles in the TV shows “Bizaardvark” and “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” Rodrigo released her first song “Drivers License” in 2021 and became an overnight music sensation. The song became the number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and was the youngest person to gain this status. “Drivers License” became the first song that was streamed more than 1 billion times in 2021 ( Editors, 2022).

Critical Evaluations: Rodrigo is able to speak to teenagers by exposing her flaws, insecurities, and heartache. Rodrigo’s voice carries the listener directly into her heart and leaves the listener raw with emotion. I loved the way that I was left feeling the emotions of the song. I think that teenagers will be able to identify and relate to many of the songs on the album Sour. Olivia Rodrigo has many articles about her songs, style, and personal life in Teen Vogue. She has definitely left an impression on teens. In an article for The Teen Magazine, Malak Kandil dissects Rodrigo’s songs and states that, “All of us can easily relate to Olivia Rodrigo, maybe not the fame and fortune, but definitely the feeling of being gutted by heartbreak” (Kandil, 2021, para 1). Rodrigo’s songs are heartfelt and beloved by many.

Creative Use for a Library Program: This album would be good to highlight for a teen event that highlights famous teenage people. This could be a mix of successful artists, writers, and activists. Teens could read and learn about how teenagers have been able to become successful and they can talk with college recruitment volunteers to learn more about what programs are available at both junior colleges and universities in the Sacramento and Bay Areas.

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Speedround/Book Trailer: Listen to teen sensation Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour. Heartwrenching, beautiful, angry, and lyrical, this album will leave you obsessed immediately. The winner of three Grammys, Rodrigo’s voice will follow you long after the music stops.

Potential Challenge Issues/Defense Preparations: The lyrics may be challenged due to some profanity. This album has won multiple awards and is praised highly by both teens and adults. I would defend this material as appropriate because it is important to recognize the language and feelings of teenagers. This album was created by a teenager and is beloved by teens all around the world.

Photo Credit (Olivia Rodrigo, 2021-b)

Reason for Inclusion: I included Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour in my blog because she is a very talented musician and is very popular with teenagers. I think it is important for teens to see a successful teenage musician. I think that many teens can relate to Rodrigo’s lyrics.

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