Black Widow (Movie), screenplay by Eric Pearson

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Title: Black Widow

Screenplay by : Eric Pearson

Director: Catherine Shortland

Year Released: 2021

Producer: Marvel Studios

Network Found On: Disney +

Genre/Format of the Item: Movie





2022 Screenactors Guild Awards: Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

2021 People’s Choice Awards: Favorite Movie & Favorite Female Movie Star (Scarlett Johanssen

2022 Critic’s Choice Super Awards: Best Actress in a Superhero Movie (Florence Pugh)

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(Marvel Entertainment, 2021)

Plot Summary: The movie opens up when Natasha Romanoff is a young girl and being sent back to the Red Room — an infamous training school for orphan girls. Girls are trained to become assassins and secret Russian spies. The movie fast forwards to the time period after the Marvel movie Captain Ameria: Civil War. The Avengers have broken up and Natasha Romanoff is on the run from the US government. She tries to hide but is being hunted by a trained killer from the leader of the Red Room, Dreykov. Natasha killed Dreykov’s daughter when she was an Avenger and he is looking for revenge. Natasha is reunited with her “sister” Yelena. Together they decide to go after Dreykov and put an end to the Red Room.

Natasha and Yelena decide to enlist their “parents” to help them take out Dreykov. They rescue Alexei (their imposter father) from prison and seek out Melina (their imposter mother). Melina betrays Natasha and Yelena by notifying Dreykov that they are at her house, but then she decides to help them. Much fighting ensues, including a battle between Natasha and Dreykov. The “family” must use all of their resources to take down the enemy and save themselves from destruction in the process.

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Author Background: Eric Pearson has a long history of screenwriting on Marvel movies, such as Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame . Pearson is credited as being the main screenwriter for Black Widow (Chitwood, 2021). There is very little information on Eric Pearson.

(Variety, 2021)

Critical Evaluations: I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was action-packed and full of surprises and amazing stunt scenes. The acting was very good, especially by Scarlett Johanssen and Florence Pugh. The subjugation of young girls by an older, white man could be difficult for some viewers, but the movie revolves around the ability of the women to break out of the misogynistic bonds. I think that teenagers will enjoy the stunts, premise, and the acting of Black Widow. The movie ultimately is about female empowerment and the value of family. I was a little confused because I had not seen the movie Captain America: Civil War but I was still able to figure out what was going on enough to enjoy it.

Creative Use for a Library Program: This movie would be a great movie to highlight around Halloween. Perhaps the teen room could be decorated in a Marvel theme and then on the Saturday before Halloween, there could be a Marvel themed costume party. Teens could come and watch Black Widow and then hang out afterwards to socialize for an hour. Teens from the Teen Advisory Group could help organize this.

Speedround/Book Trailer: You may be familiar with the character Black Widow from the Avengers, but do you really know who Natasha Romanoff is? Natasha manages to escape the confines of the Red Room, but she must go back to ultimately free herself and the other “widows” from Dreykov. Watch the powerhouse duo Natasha and Yelena fight for their lives in Black Widow!!

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Potential Challenge Issues/Defense Preparations: This movie has an abundance of violent scenes and profanity but it also has strong female protagonists that fight for what they believe is right, even when faced with challenges. This movie emphasizes that family is who you make it and that families can come in many different forms. This is an exciting action film that teenagers will like and want to watch.

Reason for Inclusion: I wanted to include a variety of movies and TV shows. Marvel movies are very popular with teens and I included Black Widow because it speaks to female empowerment and overcoming misogynistic behaviors. I think that teenagers will enjoy this movie!


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